Ethics of Hannuri

  • Truth
    Hannuri seeks the truth.
    Hannuri believes in the power of truth. The reason for turning a blind eye to or misleading the truth is because some people do not have the courage to handle it or they are incapable of proving it. Hannuri believes that by pursuing and defending the truth, it can bring out the best solution to the clients.
  • Honesty
    Hannuri seeks honesty in its relationship with clients.
    Hannuri works faithfuly. Hannuri believes in the value of trust that an honest relationship with a client brings. A lawyer may be tempted by fear of revealing his or her lack of ability or be tempted to take over the wrong cases. However, reflecting on Hannuri's experience, gaining clients' trust through honesty has been the key to achieving good results. Hannuri does not predicate victory but tries to be candid on the progress of clients’ affairs.
  • the best
    Hannuri pursues its best in the work.
    Hannuri does its best in the work. And Hannuri will keep on doing its best in the work. To commit its best effort until the end, the members of Hannuri puts great significance on comforting and encouraging each other. Hannuri believes that real worth is from giving our best in the work rather than the profit we earn from it.

Why Hannuri

Professional Legal Services for Victims of Illegal Activities
  • Hannuri is a Plaintiff Law Firm
    Since its official launch in 2000, Hannuri acted as a plaintiff law firm representing victims of various illegal activities. It has represented victims in the capital markets field, who were damaged by stock price manipulation, accounting fraud, and victims related to fair trade such as collusion, unfair advertising, manufacturing defect, and personal data breach. Hannuri is the origin of plaintiff law firm in Korea which enables maximum recovery of damages through active and creative approach to complex cases.
  • Hannuri provides professional services with pragmatic creativity.
    Instead of relying solely on the information and claims brought by the clients, Hannuri actively seeks to develop logic, explore evidence, and gather similar victims to bring out the best results. Hannuri's creative pragmatic approach has revealed the truth of the illegal activities that would have been buried underground, brought relief for victims wronged by misconducts and imposed liability on those who should be held responsible.
  • Hannuri is used to winning complex and professional lawsuits.
    Even when many people have expressed skepticism, Hannuri has created new precedents in complex and professional cases through persistence and rigorous efforts. Hannuri is used to solving complex and professional cases and it enjoys unraveling them one by one for the benefit of our clients.

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