Antitrust Litigation & Counseling

Hannuri provides comprehensive services regarding the Monopoly Regulation and Fair Trade Act, such as unfair joint activities (collusion and cartels), abuse of market dominance, business combinations, unfair internal transactions and also unfair trade practices regulated by the Subcontracting Act, the Franchise Business Act, the Large Retail Business Act, the Agency Transaction Act and Acts related to consumer issues such as the Terms and Conditions Regulation Act, the Advertising Act, the Act on Door-To-Door Sales, the Electronic Commerce Act, and the Installment Transaction Act.

Our lawyers, specialized in fair trade will respond quickly and accurately to various issues, and will effectively cope with the procedures with the Fair Trade Commission, courts, prosecutors, and the Fair Trade Mediation Agency. 


Advices on various fair trade issues

Responses to Fair Trade Commission investigation and evaluation

Appeals with the Fair Trade Commission's actions (Objections, administrative litigations, responses to investigations)

Violations report of the Fair Trade Act

Leniency related works for unfair corporate action

Civil litigations, including fair trade related damages

Responses to Fair Trade Mediation Agency

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