• Accounting Fraud Lawsuit against Digitech Systems (2016)
Hannuri led a partial win on accounting fraud lawsuit against Digitech Systems, a computer data input devices (touch screen) manufacturer and distributor, and its external auditor.
  • On Liability for Damage on Consus Tashkent JSK Real Estate P…
Hannuri led a partial \2.5 billion win against asset management firm and sales companies for violating law and terms by investing in real estate project financing in Uzbekistan without collateral.
  • On Liability for Damage on Pheonix Private Special Asset Inv…
Investors filed a lawsuit against a sales company and an asset management company to get return of unfair profits through the cancellation of the fund purchase contract due to mistake and incomplete sales. This is the first case in which a cancellation claim was upheld in fund transactions. Investors received all of the investment losses and damages for delay (total amount returned was about 166% of the investment losses) through the above lawsuit.
  • On Manipulation of Base Date against Daewoo Securities (2016…
Hannuri filed a number of lawsuits in relations to Daewoo Securities-issued ELS no. 195 and won \5.8 billion in total against Daewoo Securities which prevented fulfillment of conditions by selling underlying assets in bulk at base date of repayment. 
  • On Liability for Damage of W Securities in the case of Erron…
Hannuri led a partial win of \100 million for institutional investors on the grounds of erroneous orders for trading by W Securities.
  • On Mis-Selling Financial Derivatives of Safe Asset Managemen…
Hannuri led a partial win of \500 million against Korea Investment and Securities on the grounds of mis-selling financial derivatives of Safe Asset Management.
  • Accounting Fraud Lawsuit against Glosstech (2015)
Hannuri led a partial win on indemnification for damage lawsuit against the company and interested parties on the grounds of falsified financial statements in annual report.
  • On Liability for Damage on CJ Private Special Asset Investme…
A partial win against sales channels, which mis-sold real estate development investment in the Jemulpo Station area as if it were a safe financial instrument.
  • Accounting Fraud of Cecil (2015)
A partial win of 50% compensation on accounting fraud case against a KOSDAQ listed company Cecil and its external auditor.
  • Gloworks Stock Price Manipulation (2014)
Hannuri led a favorable judgment of the court, a clean win, against company and its related parties which engaged in stock manipulation through falsified disclosure.
  • A Derivative Suit against D Electronics (2014)
Hannuri led a \11.4 billion win at the first trial against D Electronics which handed over its shares in its international local subsidiary to a related major shareholder below market price.
  • Woongjin Holdings Corporate Bond Lawsuit (2014)
A partial win on liability for damage case against sales companies for mis-selling Woongjin Holdings corporate bonds.
  • Accounting Fraud of Neo Semitech (2012)
Hannuri led a win against CEO and a compensation settlement against its external auditor of Neo Semitech, a solar energy business listed on KOSDAQ through backdoor listing, on the grounds of accounting fraud and insufficient audit.
  • Stock Price Manipulation of H&T (2017)
Hannuri led a \23.9 billion win, followed by 86% completed execution against all claimed amount, on the case of stock manipulation achieved by disseminating false information in the solar energy business sector.
  • Accounting Fraud of AMS (2011)
Led an accounting fraud lawsuit against AMS, an electronic card manufacturer, and its external auditor. The court awarded 50% compensation for damages in ruling and civil execution of payment was finalized.
  • Securities Class Action Suit against Hyundai Investment Trus…
Hannuri led a \20 billion win and finalized its execution on compensation for damage against Hyundai Investment Trust and Securities (currently Prudential Investment and Securities) and Samil Accounting Co., regarding public offering of forfeited stocks.
  • Hyundai Securities stockholders' derivative lawsuit (2009)
The court awarded a total of 40 billion won in compensation in the shareholders' derivative litigation against the former chairman of Hyundai Securities Lee Ik-Chi and was confirmed by the Supreme Court.
  • Daewoo Electronics Accounting Fraud (2008)
Hannuri won \10 billion class action suit on accounting fraud against Daewoo Electronics and Anjin Accounting Corporation.
  • Kolon TNS Accounting Fraud (2008)
Hannuri led and finalized the execution of a \12 billion win against Kolon TNS and Anjin Accounting Corporation in accounting fraud class action suit.
  • On Acquiring Control of Dangjin Tank Terminal (2008)
Hannuri provided legal advice to A Energy on acquiring control and attaining corporate management normalization of Dangjin Tank Terminal.