• Traffic ITS Accounting Fraud (2007)
Hannuri led and finalized the execution of a 50% win in accounting fraud lawsuit against directors of Traffic ITS, an information and communications company.  
  • On Corporate Management Normalization of Soye (2007~2010)
Provided legal advice to directors and employees of Soye, a KOSDAQ listed company, on maintaining corporate control against raiders.
  • Project on Improving Corporate Governance of YWCA (2007)
Provided legal service on how to improve corporate governance standards of YWCA
  • Advised on corporate governance disputes of listed advertise…
We consulted the management of a listed advertisement company B on resolving governance issues with major shareholders and provided strategies for shareholders' meetings.
  • Daesang Group shareholder derivative suit (2006
Agreement on compensation of 2.4 billion won in a shareholder derivative suit against Lim Chang-wook, chairman of the Daesang Group.
  • LG Group's shareholder representation suit (2006)
In a Shareholder's Derivative Lawsuit against LG Group Chairman Koo Bon-moo and others, Hannuri won a total of 47 billion won in compensation for the company and payment of the ruling is completed.
  • Gravity corporate governance dispute advisory (2005)
Consulted foreign institutional investors of Gravity, a NASDAQ-listed Korean company, on shareholder rights strategies to normalize Gravity's management and improve its corporate governance.
  • Advised D Pharmaceuticals on Corporate Governance (2004)
Hannuri provided legal advice to management and major shareholders of D Pharmaceuticals on defending its control of company against an associated group of minority shareholders as well as improving its corporate governance.
  • Advised on disputes related to Auction public purchase (2004…
Provided consultation to foreign institutional investors on shareholder rights strategies to prevent low-cost public purchase of Auction by E-Bay, a major shareholder, and to deter delisting.
  • On Legal Disputes of Corporate Governance of Hanaro Telecom …
Advised employee ownership association on exercising shareholder rights in securing independent management of Hanaro Telecom
  • Legal Advice on M&A to Ilhwa (in receivership) (2003)
Completed M&A as legal advisor of Ilhwa Corporation, which was under court receivership.
  • Litigation on the Russian Fund (2003)
Hannuri won a lawsuit against Korea Investment and National Investment on the sale of the Russian Fund, enabling investors to recuperate 50% of their original investment.
  • Accounting Fraud of Hanbit Information and Communications (2…
Hannuri led the mediation process of accounting fraud of Hanbit Information and Communications, receiving 400 million won for compensation for damage.
  • SKM CP Litigation (2003)
Hannuri led a lawsuit of \5 billion in compensation award against SK Securities on the grounds of illegal sales of SKM CP. Its judgment was upheld by the Supreme Court followed by civil execution procedure.
  • Litigation on the Buy Korea Fund (2002)
Hannuri led the settlement process in relations to the Buy Korea Fund of Hyundai Investment and Securities, recuperating 95% of investment losses on the grounds of undue management of the investment fund.
  • Provide Legal Service on Corporate Governance Issues of Taek…
Advised Client, a Hong Kong-based international fund, on exercising shareholder rights in improving corporate governance of Taekwang
  • On Securing an Opportunity to Make Subscriptions to New Stoc…
Provided legal service to shareholders who bought LG Telecom over the counter stocks in securing an opportunity to make subscriptions to new stocks followed by paid-in capital increase.
  • On Public Offering of Hanil Pharmaceutical Industry (2000)
Hannuri won a lawsuit against Dongwon Securities, underwriter of public offering of Hanil Pharmaceutical Industry, receiving full compensation on damages on the grounds of stating false information in securities report.  
  • On Violation in Ad hoc Public Disclosure of Shindongbang (20…
Hannuri filed a lawsuit against Shindongbang for violating obligations on ad hoc public disclosure. Hannuri drew a settlement compensating all damages right before the rendition of judgement.